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"Our products, courses, and curriculum feature the most current and accurate data in the cannabis industry. Our material is carefully researched, medically supported, scientifically proven, and legally reviewed. Trichome leads the cannabis industry in science, education, and training."

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Budtender Certification

Budtender Training, by Trichome Institute, is designed to instruct dispensary staff on key business issues, such as legal, scientific, and medical applications of cannabis. The course also includes how to identify strains, understand the different cannabis products, provide good customer service, and conduct the establishment’s business in a safe and legal manner.

Budtenders are professional individuals with the duty to facilitate safety and legality in the cannabis industry. The modern budtender is educated, passionate about cannabis, and eager to provide an informative, safe, and pleasurable experience to the consumer.

Top Shelf Budtending has completed the Budtender Certification.


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Responsible Vendor

Top Shelf Budtending is Responsible Vendor Certified in the state of Colorado.

This certification program is designed to model the alcohol industry's "TIPS" program.

The Responsible Vendor course parallels the responsible bartender courses with training on topics like how to spot fake I.D.'s, protocol for confiscation, dealing with problem clients, recognizing impairment and understanding why not to serve someone who is currently intoxicated. 

We are also trained on cannabis and its effect on the body including concepts like time to effect and the chemical differences between edible and smoked cannabis.